It’s A Wonderful Life -Redneck Theater [AUDIO and VIDEO]
Today on the Sean and Richie Show we played a game "Redneck Theater". This is where the show reenacts a famous scene in redneck voices. The scenes are close enough to the original that if you know the movie you'll get it but changed slightly to make it more Redneck.
Five Passive Aggressive Christmas Gifts [AUDIO]
Yesterday on the Sean & Richie Show we talked about five presents to get for people you really don't like and why they were somewhat insulting. So if you're looking for the gift for that special someone you want to hit with a crow bar here you go.
Worst Christmas Presents On The Sean & Richie Show [AUDIO]
On today's show during the Daily Dilemma we had a listener that was sick of getting gift cards for her boyfriend and wanted to know if wanting him to shop for her made her greedy. Which led to us finding out many of you hated gift cards while others would gladly take them instead of the terribl…
Levack’s Thanksgiving View From The Couch [AUDIO]
It's been a while since we took a trip to the Couch, but this is a special occasion so grab a seat and enjoy a trip into my weird little mind. Here are a few things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving....well at least the ones the censors and lawyers will let me admit to publicly...

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