7 or 8 Easiest Jobs In the World [AUDIO]
This morning on the show we talked about an article I saw on It's hard to believe that people can actually make pretty good money doing things like sleeping or watching TV but yes the jobs are out there. A couple of the jobs seem like they would be impossible to actually get but a few…
The St Patrick’s Day Couch [AUDIO]
Today's the big day when everyone is Irish. Well not everyone, I have tons of love for the Irish but I am proud to be Scottish. So I recorded this "View From the Couch" to show some Scottish love for my Celtic Cousins. Happy St, Patrick's Day and Slainte!
Sean’s Son Ryan Sings A Clay Walker Song [AUDIO]
I could really use your help my friends. As you know it is pretty hard to be objective when it comes to a person's children. I'd like your objective opinion on my oldest son, Ryan. He taught himself the guitar and to sing. I will admit that when he began the singing was more than a little rough but …
Google Glasses Are Coming [AUDIO]
Ready to get your own "TERMINATOR" glasses?  According to some solid rumors, Google is working on glasses that will stream real-time information in front of your eyes about whatever you're looking at.  And they'll go on sale by the end of the year.  Word…

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