Levack Versus The Ninja Spider [AUDIO]
It was a rough morning for me. Like any rainy morning it was tough to get out of bed and about 15 minutes after dragging my butt out of said bed I realized I should of stayed in it, because around then I was locked in MORTAL COMBAT with the NINJA SPIDER!
Man Takes Pictures While Wife Is Attacked By Cheetahs [AUDIO+POLL]
On today's Sean and Richie show Sean told us the story of a British woman Violet D'mello of Aberdeen, Scotland. Violet was in a pen with some Cheetahs who were raised in captivity from birth and were supposed to be safe to pet.  Her husband Archie was outside the pen taking photos. For some reason…
7 or 8 Easiest Jobs In the World [AUDIO]
This morning on the show we talked about an article I saw on It's hard to believe that people can actually make pretty good money doing things like sleeping or watching TV but yes the jobs are out there. A couple of the jobs seem like they would be impossible to actually get but a few…
The St Patrick’s Day Couch [AUDIO]
Today's the big day when everyone is Irish. Well not everyone, I have tons of love for the Irish but I am proud to be Scottish. So I recorded this "View From the Couch" to show some Scottish love for my Celtic Cousins. Happy St, Patrick's Day and Slainte!

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