The Eli Young Band Surprises The Sean And Richie Show [AUDIO]
So Sean and I were in the parking lot today and asked Jake Thomas aka THE BOSS, When The Eli Young Band were going to call us. He said tomorrow. So we relaxed and went back to work. NOT TEN MINUTES LATER THE PHONE RINGS! Care to guess who was calling? Yup. The Eli Young Band.
Studies Show One In Five People Admit To Peeing In Pools [AUDIO]
According to a survey by the Water Quality and Health Council, one in five adults has peed in the pool.  And if you're lucky enough to be swimming next to one of the 80% of people who DON'T pee, 40% of people admit that they don't shower before getting in the pool. So of cours…
Sean and Richie Show Do Apocalypse Now [AUDIO]
I love Redneck theater! This is when the boys do a famous movie scene as Rednecks. Today the guys took a stab at the famous war movie "Apocalypse Now". I think there performance had a smell to it... THE SMELL OF VICTORY!!!
Levack Versus The Ninja Spider [AUDIO]
It was a rough morning for me. Like any rainy morning it was tough to get out of bed and about 15 minutes after dragging my butt out of said bed I realized I should of stayed in it, because around then I was locked in MORTAL COMBAT with the NINJA SPIDER!

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