Jerrod Niemann On The Sean And Richie Show [AUDIO]
Jerrod Niemann has a huge day ahead of himself. His new CD "Free The Music" hits stores today but he took a few minutes to call the Sean and Richie show and talk about his CD, drinking and his upcoming show at the Upstate Concert Hall".
Richie Tells Women To Know Their Role! [AUDIO]
Monday on The Sean and Richie Show we found a study out of Norway that found couples where the woman did the majority of the house work were far more likely to last. From the sounds of it Richie Phillips agreed.
Burnt American Flag Gets Revenge
Today on the Sean & Richie Show, Sean told a story of why it's not a good idea to burn the American flag. Well you know another reason besides me wanting to kick you in a bad place.
You Can Survive A Plane Crash, Here’s How [AUDIO]
Today on the show we talked about an interesting article I found about surviving a plane crash. As it turns out your probability of living through a plane crash may be a lot higher than you thought. A research team of scientist out of England went out of their way to prove just that, and t…
Lance Armstrong Is Still My Hero [AUDIO]
Today on The Sean and Richie Show, Sean told us about Lance Armstrong being stripped of his 7 Tour De France titles. I don't know if he cheated or not, if I had to guess I would say he did something but they still haven't proven it. The beauty is EVERYONE was cheating. So I ask if EVERYONE…
Dustin Lynch On The Sean And Richie Show [AUDIO]
Dustin Lynch has his self titled CD on store shelves this week and it's already a success. We all remember Dustin at Countryfest and his first release "Cowboys and Angels" is doing great. So Dustin took a few minutes to call the show and talk to the boys.

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