Are we raising an entirely new generation of gamblers?  That's what some folks are worried about. "If you don't think so, head down to the local Chuck E. Cheese", says one California mother!

According to an article on, this could actually become a legal case:

Debbie Keller, a real estate agent with two kids ages 3 and 5, is suing the Dallas-based restaurant chain for $5 million because she feels that many of the games intended for children at these locations are actually illegal gambling devices -- like slot machines and roulette wheels.

At first, I must admit, I burst out laughing at this.  "Another politically correct yuppie  mother from the Left Coast".  But you know something?  I personally think she has a point!  I'm not sure how much psychological damage will be incurred on the child, to be honest.  I think it all depends upon the personality involved.  But I don't think you can argue that it's not gambling.  IT'S GAMBLING!!

It's also gambling when you take kids to an arcade.  Some of those games are games of chance-pinball etc. They pay you off in tickets.  Shut those darn things down too.  County Fairs?  (eating the food there is a bigger gamble!)  How 'bout throwing those rings at the bottles?  Should be banned, I guess.   In fact, we should outlaw life.  Every day's a gamble!

What do YOU think?  Would love to know! Would you consider the Chuck E Cheese example true gambling?  And more importantly, what would Kenny Rogers think?