So, the other morning, we had a special guest in on the Sean & Richie Show: Kaila Horton, from the Special Olympics of New York.  Last year, Jeff Levack volunteered (or was volunteered -- the truth has yet to be determined) to go "Over the Edge."  Not that I don't push him over the edge almost every morning by driving him nuts, but the real "Over the Edge" is a quest to raise money for Special Olympics right here in downtown Albany.  And this year, I happily obliged to be their new victim -- I mean volunteer!

For anyone who doesn't know what the Special Olympics are, they help 51,809 individuals with intellectual disabilities participate in athletic programs they normally might not get the opportunity to partake in.  The organization also helps these individuals develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience the joy of achievement and make new friends.  Special Olympics is a privately funded non-for-profit 501(c)3 agency and has created fund-raising activities like "Over the Edge" to help increase its' operating budget  so money can be spent on the athletes, coaches, competitions and volunteers.

So, now on to the fun part.  "Over the Edge" will go down on September 16th, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza right in downtown Albany -- corner of North Pearl and State Streets.  I will be repelling off the wall of the Crowne Plaza from the top -- yes the TOP! -- in an effort to raise money for Special Olympics.  But the real question is, "how does Casey raise money by jumping off a building?"  Well, I'm glad you asked!  Maybe I drive you so nuts in the morning you would like to help me go 180 feet downward (that's 18 stories).  Or maybe you like me that much on your drive to work that you want to help me and my mission to raise some green.

Regardless of your motive, if you would like to donate in my honor (I would really love it if you did), just go to my donor page.  Monetary donations of any value are gladly accepted.  After all, every little bit helps!  You also gain more information on the event "Over the Edge"'s Facebook page.

I've included some shots of Levack doing the repelling last year as well as the audio of me committing to Special Olympics. Check it out!  It's wild!