I have written blogs before that end with the tagline - "now I've seen everything".  I guess I really hadn't until now!

There's really no way to describe my anger and disgust for this story. Either that or I'm losing my sense of humor very quickly.  I guess someone posted this item on Ebay with the description "perhaps the scariest mask on the planet".  He put it up for 25 bucks as a starting bid.  Well, it created a frenzy on the site

Well, it didn't end there.  I guess it fetched almost a million dollars, according to CNN.com/blogs You can read the details.  I'm too nauseous.

Yes, I know.  There've been OJ masks, so why not something for her?  I don't have an answer for that.  I'm just telling you my gut reaction, and that it's hurting my gut to talk about it!

How do YOU feel?   Comment below!