So I'm walking out of the Carroll Hill Elementary School this week, having just completed another great musical experience with elementary kids, and this plaque caught my eye

photo by Richie Phillips

It was prominently displayed, don't get me wrong.  But then I thought about it.. How many people outside of the area would even know that these folks served?  And then that got me to thinking even further.

Have you ever been to the Saratoga National Cemetery?  I just attended a service there for a former radio station employee, Rick Robinson,  who tragically passed away. He was interred there.  My father is there as well.  They both served too.

There are literally THOUSANDS of people buried there now.  How do we keep these folks' memories alive all year long?  I know it's hard, but somehow we should try to do it more than just once a year, don't you think?   I know, it's hard and a little bit idealistic but it's something to think about, so that's what I'm doing!

So to Carroll Hill vets , and vets everywhere, I just want to say we appreciate what you've done, and will continue to even as this day passes.  God Bless.