With the two day Finale of American Idol, I apparently have some "Idol Fever". I had a story yesterday about who would win this year's competition and today I came across some info about who is currently the top money earners of all the past idol contestants.

No real surprise is the name at the top, Carrie Underwood. I am rather surprised though that 2011 is the first year she was on top.She has been all over the place right out of the shoot, so I thought she would have been up on top a few years earlier.  Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson has held that distinction. Kelly is now second on that list followed by Chris Daughtry, which I totally understand but find humorous since he didn't win Idol. He placed 4th in 2006.

Here is the complete list courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter:

1. Carrie Underwood

Season 4 winner

Album sales: 12,296,000

Digital track sales: 18,482,000

2. Kelly Clarkson

Season 1 winner

Album sales: 10,674,000

Digital track sales: 17,254,000

3. Chris Daughtry

Season 5, 4th place

Album sales: 6,104,000

Digital track sales: 11,127,000

4. Clay Aiken

Season 2, runner up

Album sales: 4,990,000

Digital track sales: 581,000

5. Fantasia

Season 3 winner

Album sales: 2,809,000

Digital track sales: 1,325,000

6. Ruben Studdard

Season 2 winner

Album sales: 2,556,000

Digital track sales: 445,000

7. Jordin Sparks

Season 6 winner

Album sales: 1,275,000

Digital track sales: 9,547,000

8. Jennifer Hudson

Season 3, 7th place

Album sales: 1,160,000

Digital track sales: 1,964,000

9. David Cook

Season 7 winner

Album sales: 1,324,000

Digital track sales: 4,196,000

10. Kellie Pickler

Season 5, 6th place

Album sales: 1,322,000

Digital track sales: 3,319,000

Carrie will make an appearance on tonight's season finale singing with Lauren Alaina while Scotty McCreery will sing a duet with Tim Mcgraw. There are bound to be many other guest appearances as they're always are on the Finale.

Much like Simon Cowell, I knew Carrie would be a star. All it took for me was her audition for the show back in 1995. As soon as I saw it, I said, She's winning this whole thing! Sometimes I have flashes of brilliance!