You may have seen this already, but I know I just ran across it. If you have seen Carrie Underwood in concert lately, she has been doing a great version of an iconic rock song, "Paradise City" by Guns and Roses.

YouTube Image

Everyone knows the girl can sing, and she is great on stage. I am a huge fan of her vocals though I must confess and I have even done so to her, I so enjoy when she sings softly , her voice is really quite beautiful and tender. Soft and tender however is not what Carrie is known for , man she can belt out a song as good as anyone on the planet.

Maybe for  me it took this video to really , really help me appreciate just what an incredible vocal performer she is. I missed her show last time she was here but I think I will make sure I don't let that happen again.

If you could pick any song for Carrie to sing in concert, from any genre of music, what would you love to see her tackle? I think anything by Queen would be awesome!