Great news for all the hard working and hard playing people of the Capital Region. Carhartt will be opening a store right here in Crossgates Shopping Center. This will be only the sixth retail store they have opened in the entire country.

Carhartt which began in 1889, sells outerwear for men, women and children. Whether your a hunter, hiker, construction worker or nurse you will find a great selection and variety at the new store without the waiting you would have to do through on line buying.

Of course, the website will also still be available for your special orders, but I know I like to try things on and actually touch them before I buy them. I was, in fact looking at the website today to see what kinds of clothing we can look forward to, and it amazes me the variety and styles available. From jeans to boots, to jackets, to scrubs, to purses and hats, there are tons of great items.

As you know, I do NOT work in the great outdoors and I'm not sure many people would call me "rugged" but I am definitely looking forward shopping in the new store. The "Ribbon Cutting" will take place on May 3rd, but as typical with Carhartt it will not be typical. Instead of cutting a ribbon with scissors they will be smashing Sheetrock with a sledge hammer. I love it.

I'll see you there!