This morning I was honored to serve as emcee as the sixth Carhartt store in the nation opened its doors in Crossgates Mall.  For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to make it, you missed a great event!  Not to worry, you have me to tell you all about it!

It all started with the CEO sledgehammering drywall to represent the "ribbon" cutting!  It was so cool to see that!  Once shoppers entered the store, there was food and drink to enjoy as you shopped for that perfect shirt or coat.  I even bought Caden a Carhartt hoodie!  He looks so cute in it.  But back to the grand opening.  Carhartt hosted a "worst coat" contest, where anyone with a worn out Carhartt coat was able to bring it in and enter it into the contest.  The winner, won a new coat.  You should have seen these coats, I was shocked.  The majority of them were over 20 years old.  Now that is how a coat should be made!   I even joked with them and said "how do you stay in business making a coat no has to replace?"   These guys used their coats for everyday jobs like cutting wood in their back yard, some were dairy farmers, mechanics and one a truck driver who never goes on the road without his Carhartt, and you could tell!

One of the coolest things I think was how impressed the CEO of Carhartt was with the Albany area. He mentioned to me he thinks it was the most amount of worn coats he had seen entered at one of their grand openings and that is was clear that the people of Albany and the WGNA listeners where some serious hard working folks. He was right.

The contest winner has his coat for almost 30 years!  He said he used it for every job he did! I remember one gentleman walking in to enter said to me "what do I need a new coat for, this one is still perfect".  It had frayed edges, holes and stains, but he loved it!

That was that dedication and loyalty to the Carhartt product that everyone who owns a coat, overalls gloves etc., felt today.  And that message was received to the first time Carhartt shoppers as well.