Even though they have to split the $1 million Powerball Jackpot 40 ways, forty Capital Region truckers are still gonna get a pretty hefty payout!

A group of drivers from Colonie Trucking Company matched five of six numbers in the January 9 Powerball drawing.

The ticket was one of 100 purchased at Stewart’s in Valatie as part of their office pool.

The net prize of $661,800 split 40 ways comes out to $16,545 each.  Not too shabby!

The grand prize of that lotto Jackpot was $900 million - so I'm sure the win is a bit bitter-sweet!

The winning numbers were 16 – 19 – 32 – 34 – 57 and Powerball 13.

Click here to see the list of winners from Albany, Fonda, Rotterdam, and all over the Capital Region!

Here's the one thing I always wonder about these things, was anyone sick on the day of the pool?  Did anyone opt out?  What happens then?  Does that person get left out of the money?  Ouch!

Congrats guys!  Y'all deserve it!

Photo by Tim Boyle,Getty Images)