I know what you are saying.  "Richie - isn't there something else you could be talking about?"  (or shall I say "ABOOT?")   Actually, NO if you live in Canada.  This is big news! 

There's this very cute older couple from Manitoba that posted this video.  They were fascinated with the idea of blowing bubbles in 40 degree below zero weather.  Maybe a little TOO fascinated.  Regardless, this cracked me up, and I have to thank Harvey Vlahos from the Altamont Manor for providing this.

I love this couple, Mr and Mrs. Goosen  I also give the "Mrs." extra credit for putting up with the "Mr.".  I think you could tell whose idea it was, can't you?

What have YOU ever tried to do in freezing weather?  How about Pond Hockey?  We have an opportunity for you to do that if you're interested!