I'm all for letting your kid be "all that they can be".  And it's not a bad thing to challenge them.  In high school.  In Junior High School.  But expecting them to be Ivy League candidates in KINDERGARTEN?  This one lady is so convinced that she's suing the school for ruining the kid's chances!According to a story in the New York Daily News a Manhattan momma is suing the school that her kindergarten age  (whoops, excuse me--PRE-SCHOOL age ) child attended.  Why?

The $19,000-a-year York Avenue Preschool failed to prepare the toddler for a test used for admission at top private elementary schools and sometimes put her in the same group as children ages 2 or 3 who were merely learning about colors and shapes.

OMG!  How could this be???  Relegating her poor kid to learning about--ahhhh--what every other kid is supposed to learn about at that age--colors and shapes?  I had to be shown how to put the rug out correctly to lay on the floor for naptime!  (and that was just last August!)

And the money!!!  We pay about $18000 a year to send our baby to COLLEGE right now, and I complain about that!    She spends $19,000 for a kid who is happier, I'm sure, to play with dolls and balls and crayons, rather than spreadsheets and computers and learning how to square Pi!  Is that what she's expecting out of this kid???

Maybe I shouldn't judge.  Maybe this lady is right and I'm wrong about the importance of schooling at that age. And I don't know the woman or the situation.   But it sure sounds to me like  a mother transferring HER hopes and dreams or missed opportunities onto her child, and it's setting TWO people up for a letdown later in life.

There is this great piece of standup by the late great George Carlin, and although I can't find any audio, I found a transcript.  Please read this and tell me if you agree...

(and you know George didn't use the word heck... I did that to protect the children!)