First of all, don't be insulted by this question.  I couldn't remember much either.  Thank God I wasn't a contestant.  I guess learning the classics has become a dying art in America, and it's a shame.  But it made for a very funny radio bit, and it's my favorite one of the week, so I thought we'd let you hear it again. 

No cheating now.  No squinting at the photo above.  Can you recite any of Shakespeare's works?  Even one sentence?  Well this is what we asked our listeners.  "Tell us the next line".  "To Be Or Not To Be--That is the Question". And that WAS the question.  WHAT'S THE NEXT LINE?  Here's the audio from today's show, 4/24.

Funny stuff.  Again, thanks to all the folks for calling in and having fun with us.  Maybe everyone except Sean (including yours truly) needs a copy of Shakespeare For Dummies.  (That's hysterical - I was just making that up, but I Googled it and there actually IS such a thing - Shakespeare For Dummies!

Naah, I'm not buying it.  I'll just wait for the movie to come out.  Who needs all that intellectual stuff anyway.  Sorry, I've gotta go now - Cupcake Wars is on.