As you know, Garth is on a mission.  One of the most successful artists in music history is attempting a comeback, as you may have heard (LOL).  I'm just wondering how you feel about his chances of succeeding?Here are some astounding factoids about the Garth-man, according to Wikipedia.

1. As of May 2013, according to Soundscan,  he's sold 68,630,000 albums.

2. He is the second best selling solo album artist in the US.

3. He's won 2 Grammys and 17 American Music Awards.

Jackson Lazuire, Getty Images

Well, he's back and performing as we speak in multiple Chicago area appearances. It's the official kickoff of his world tour. The reviews have been great. Here's one from the Chicago 

But the question remains… Do you think he will succeed in his attempt to regain his once monumental popularity?  Please take our scientific 3 question poll.

(On a personal note, I give him all the credit in the world for attempting this, and wish him all the best.  I still submit that his concert back in the late 90's was the greatest thing I've ever seen)