Today, under the category of “stupid news” but just too good not to share – is a story about a very drunk man having sexual relations with a snowman.  The 64 year old man from Lancashire, England had clearly enjoyed a few too many spirits at the pub because when he saw a five-foot snowman near the street, he decided it was a good idea to carve a little hole in the snowman and have relations with it.

In the process, the poor snowman was knocked to the ground and destroyed, and the man is being treated for frostbite on his male parts!  The man was screaming in agony at the end of the relationship with the snowman due to the frostbite.  Someone from the hospital where he is receiving treatment says this particular body part may need to be AMPUTATED! But as of right now, the man is still “in one piece”.

No charges are filed against the man – I guess there are no laws in place for nonconsensual ‘relations’ with a snowman.