Imagine this: You're a cab driver in Albany. You've put in a long, tiring day of driving just about every form of life the lovely capital of New York has to offer. The end of the night gets here and someone robs you for all the money you've taken in for the day.

It's been happening to drivers since July 5th.

Police say that two men have been behind a string of 5 robberies, four of which included cabbies with one additional targeting a delivery truck.

Albany Police Officer, Steve Smith said one of the drivers was assaulted and suffered minor injuries. "When they came to pick up the fair at least one, sometimes both, were displaying hand guns and robbing the cab driver of money and other property that he had,” Smith said.

One man, Kristopher Clark, 21 has been arrested and is believed to be one of the men involved while the investigation continues.

Cab driver, Amgad Abdullah told Channel 13: “I don't want to just get robbed at the end of the day working all these hours. And somebody come and take my money it's not fair." He went on to tell Channel 13 that he's been beaten up twice during robbery attempts.

“They tried to rob me yea,” he said. “And it's SUNY kids. And I made a report twice but nothing done,” Abdullah said.

The hope is that the police will do more for their situation and take it more seriously, “Just take it more serious and given us attention,” Abdullah said