If you go out to an Albany establishment that has live entertainment, you might have to change where you want to go, because of a new proposed cabaret fee.

The city of Albany’s Common Council is proposing an annual fee of $300 to $600 dollars to establishments that provide some form of entertainment. There have also been reports of some bars getting charged as much as $900 dollars. This will include djs, live bands and karaoke. Many of Albany’s downtown bars provide entertainment almost every night of the week.

In a story from YNN, “Mother Judge,” a bluegrass musician who plays in Albany told them that "It's really hard for us to keep up with the cost of living when there are establishments that are looking at their bottom line and they're thinking we can't really afford having you around."

There have been some petitions going around that people have already signed against the new law. There will be another meeting of the Common Council on February 15 about the law.

It seems like they have just built up this great place to go and enjoy the various forms of entertainment, especially in the downtown area, and now some of these places could possibly close. The owners already pay substantial fees and I can see this hurting their businesses. I hope they realize that if this happens, the city will be losing a lot more than $300 to $600 dollars a year. Even if you don’t go out in Albany, you have to agree that this is a little outrageous.