If you are coming to this blog looking for a review of basketball (or baseball, soccer,football or any sport for that matter), I would like to refer you to someone with actual knowledge, like Sean or Levack.  But if you're looking for a submission for a theme song for a new local hero, I MIGHT be able to help

I did my background work on this one.  I know that Jimmer is from the Glens Falls area.  I know he has a  Spanish teacher there who's very proud of him (she called this morning).  I can see how talented he is, how he's got an incredible range-a master of the 3 pointer. (Impressed?--probably not)

I'm well aware that he's nicknamed "Jimmer".  Now how many songs have the word "Jim" or "Jimmer" in them?  Well, the first song that came to mind was the late, great Jim Croce's song "You Don't Mess Around With Jim".  Loved that song.  I've used it before to roast the PTL's Reverend Jim Bakker, but I digress.

So here's my submission.  I sang this live this morning.  (Note to self--never sing on the air before 8am when you have a cold. ).