Time to show my age again, but remember the 45 RPM single?  No, huh?  The thing with the big hole in the middle?  (Help me out, Brother Lou Roberts!!)  

It was always very exciting to be able to run out and get the song that you heard on the radio, although sometimes there would be a "wait time" before the song was available.   But no more!!!

According to Gismodo.com:

The humble single has been given a new shot at life, an extension to the lease on its breathing machine, a little more food in its tube. Universal Music and Sony have begun a new policy called "On Air, On Sale" that makes music singles available the same day they hit the airwaves, in theory stemming the tide of piracy by making music available legally more quickly.

They're trying this in England first, from what I understand.   I like the idea.   They almost have no choice, the way music is being released today.  You want everything instantly, right?  So now you can have your new Alan Jackson song right away.  You'll get used to it by playing it at home.  Then you'll hear it again on a great station like WGNA, and you'll love it that much more.  Kind of the reverse way it's normally done, but the effect is the same.  We want our Country, and we want it NOW.  So now you can get it!!!