Tell me-who doesn't like getting a trophy?  But not everyone can be a scratch golfer, a world series homerun hitter or an Olympic gold medalist.   Does that mean NOONE else should get one besides the greatest of the greatest?  Not if you ask these coaches from Connecticut (or Jeff Levack, our producer!)

According to, here's what happened in New Canaan, Connnecticut

I don't see where Jeff, our producer, is coming from.  He doesn't think it's right to reward mediocrity.  Hell, we've had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rewards in every sport and contest since there have BEEN contests!  What's so mediocre about 3rd?  So in other words, you should be ridiculed for it?  Especially as a kid? 

They BURNED the trophies, people! What ever happened to rewarding effort?

I know in my case, and even at my age, a pat on the back STILL goes a long way, and motivates you more.

If someone crossed out or erased my blog because it got less response someone else's, would that make me want to try harder?  No. I'd be insulted and beat myself up over it. And if it kept happening, it would lock me up creatively, not make me MORE creative!

 Now can you imagine how a kid feels?  How about a kid from a broken home who gets no parental support there, and then has to go to school and face these "educators"?

Ok, I'm done.  Sorry Jeff.  Love ya, man.  But I'm in a different wheelhouse on this one.  How do you feel?  Please leave your comments at the bottom of this blog .  Sorry, no trophies for best!