Before I even write one more word I need to tell you that as far as I can tell, this is NOT a very scientific study at all but it is a lot of fun. Hey, when you are a BIlls fan I suppose you take being number 1 at anything as a big win. Lets be honest here, none of us are surprised by this result heck I'm not even surprised the Philadelphia Eagle fans came in third place in the study and Detroit got themselves the silver medal,however the folks who performed the study say there is no  correlation to losing and drinking here. 

The "study" was performed by BACtrack which uses a smartphone App to measure blood alcohol levels. As I said earlier , it probably isn't the most scientific of studies but, according to the site,  Bills fans were also determined to be the most intoxicated fans in a book published in 2014. There may be a little something to this.

So here is a look at your top and bottom three teams and the levels recorded.

Your drunker fans were:

1.Buffalo Bills      .076

2. Detroit Lions      .069

3. Philadelphia Eagles      .069

AND your more sober fans were:

1. Cincinnati Bengals      .015

2. Tennessee Titans      .021

3. New Orleans Saints??????      .021