There are a few times that someone will call the "Cryin', Lovin' or Leavin' Show and want to dedicate a song to me. This is very nice, and I appreciate the gesture, but, I do the show for you - our listener. Now on the other side of the coin, between when I'm talking to someone on the phone, in person or on my Facebook pages (either the Lou Roberts page or the (Bro.) Lou Roberts fan page). Yes, that was what we call a shameless plug, although you can "friend" me and "like" the fan page. I get asked many times what my favorite song is. I have several favorite singers or bands, but I'll narrow that down by giving you just a few. They are Bachman - Turner Overdrive, Tommy James and the Shondells, The Beatles and Dean Martin. I think Richie Phillips will join me with The Beatles stuff.

No, they're not country, but I like them and someone asked. Hey, I'm an old Rock and Roll guy, at heart. Plus, most of us have a wide variety of musical likes and influences.

Now let's get to country music. They are my favorite. It's Brooks and Dunn. My favorite song from them is "You Can't Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl."

It's just a fun song and it does rock, which proves that country does rock. Watching the video reminds me of a couple of times that I saw them in concert, complete with Ronnie Dunn playing the cowbell. Just a funny little side note - When Brooks and Dunn released their first song "Brand New Man," I didn't know who they were, so on the air, I said "Coming up, I'm going to play a new song by Garth Brooks and Holly Dunn." In 1989, there was no internet to look these things up. You have to love "live radio." Now here's something that just freaked me out - as I went to give you Holly Dunn's website link, I saw this picture:

I wonder if they heard me do that on the air?

So, what's your favorite song?