The first place you think of for summer sun isn’t usually a place associated with snow and skiing but little did you know how wrong you are! Bromley has the Sun Mountain Adventure Park which is, basically, three adventures in one place. Bromley has become a must visit summer destination for our family!

Bromley (if you’ve never been) is in Southern Vermont, only a short drive from the Albany area. Here’s why we love visiting the Bromley Adventure Parks:




The Sun Mountain Flyer is not only the newest ZipRider in New England, but also the longest - five stories high, 1/2 a mile long, and gets up to 50 MPH. Not for the little ones but if you’re a minimum of 48” tall and weigh 75-250 lbs, you’re good to go for this thrill adventure. There is an additional fee for this particular attraction but it’s well worth it. You’ll be talking about this one for years to come!





Did you know that this was the first triple-tracked Alpine Slide in North America? It’s also one of the longest slides in the world - 2/3 of a mile. We really loved the chairlift ride up to the top of the slide - Vermont is so beautiful! It’s a calm before the storm of sorts - because once you start down the slide, it’s all thrills. You get to pick your own track, and you control your speed through the banked turns, straightaways, rollers, and drops.



What better way is there to explore Vermont than via the treetops? We can’t think of too many. Bromley has done a stellar job of combining the elements of a zip line, canopy tour, and challenge course into one of the very best aerial parks in Vermont. Every time we encounter an aerial course, we can’t resist. You’re always safe in your harness as you move from tree to tree, platform to platform, and over obstacles like rope bridges. They call it a “squirrel’s eye view” and that’s very accurate. What’s also nice is they have courses for various skills and ages too so there is one for everyone!

More Fun

Aside from these awesome adventures, you can check out their Miniature Golf, Big Splash Water Slide Ride, and a fun filled KidZone too. Bromley is, hands down, the Vermont amusement park to be at this summer for some quality family entertainment.

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