CNN recently covered a story about how two beauty product advertisements were banned in Britain because they felt they lied.  The one ad featured Julia Roberts for Lancome and the other was Christy Turlington for L'oreal's Maybelline.  The British felt the ads were very misleading because they had been heavily airbrushed. 

Here's the coverage of the story:

What do you think of these advertisements, especially if they are heavily airbrushed?  Aren't most ads and pictures of celebrities touched up now a days?  For your ladies, do you see these ads and actually run right out to buy the product, believing the results or do you deep down know it's possible the depiction of Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington is fake?

Besides advertisements being airbrushed visually, I would say there are many advertisements that are touched up in different ways than visually.  Many times you see a weight-loss commercial or magazine ad claiming you'll lose all the weight you dream of getting rid of.  Does that mean everyone who tries that weight-loss regime is going to have the same, great results?  No -- maybe the majority.  So how are those ads not being banned as well?  If we actually took the time to rip apart every advertisement of every single thing besides these beauty products, I think we would find many fabrications of the truth.  I think the real problem here is the British are just jealous of Roberts' beautiful teeth -- just sayin'!