Thursday, April 26 is ‘Bring Your Child To Work Day.’ It’s the day when parents bring their children to the place where mom and/or dad work. It’s a great way to show your kids what you do for a living. I’m going to put a little twist on this. Because of what I do. Radio and being a dj are very different jobs. It involves strange hours, and sometimes long hours. I used to bring my kids with me to my jobs at different times, because of those things. It’s difficult to bring them on one specific day. My son Jayson and my daughter Valerie have helped me set up my dj equipment for some parties that I played at. They’ve both been at the radio stations that I’ve worked for a few times, too. They’re both grown up and have their own lives now.

There are two things that I find a little amusing that happened when I brought Valerie with me to work. This was at one of my former radio stations where I worked. She was about 4-years-old. I went down the hall into a different studio, while she was in the on-air studio. This wasn’t exactly a great set up because the power switch was next to where people would sit. A friend of mine was on the air. He called to me and said that we were off the air. I came in and saw that the power switch was turned off. Yeap - She turned the station off.

One other time, I was recording and Val was with me. As the one machine was playing, you know what happened. She hits the stop button. I guess my tips to save energy worked. Memories of your kids last a lifetime.