There comes a time in every man's life that he is forced to admit something that is less than manly. This is my time. I miss Zima Malt beverage! There I said it! Mock me if you must but I love a good girlie drink drunk!

Zima came out in the mid 90's and I wasn't old enough to legally drink it so let's pretend I didn't. However if I had I would tell you it was truly "Zomething Zifferent". When served ice cold it was like bad Sprite but I loved(I mean started to love it in 1998). So this is my personal plea to the powers that be, to bring back Zima. MillerCoors stopped production in the US back in 2008 but I hear you can still get it in Japan. I know it's not "manly" to enjoy "Alcopop" but I liked it for a change of pace. Now please don't confuse it with "Zima Gold" which was a abomination! Zima Gold zastes like zhit.

In closing anyone that goes to Japan please  ship me some Zima...PLEASE!!!



What if there was no beer? Bring back Zima and pray we never find out!