Well, I can't say I am not happy about this outcome.

If you remember the story we covered on the "Sean and Richie Show" a couple of weeks ago about the ex-NFL player whose home was trashed by partying teenagers, he was trying to take a high road and was not going to seek criminal charges against the kids.

YouTube Image, Brian Holloway

Instead,  he had created a website called helpmesave300.com. He created this site in the vain attempt to get the kids that trashed his second home to come forward, and begin turning their lives around. He included on this site many of the names of the kids who were in his home the night of the party and maybe pictures from various tweets the kids sent out bragging about their wild night.

He had offered for them to come to a "clean-up" day at his home-another chance for them to come forward, apologize, take responsibility for what they had done, and maybe grow a little in the process. Holloway said he was NOT interested in pressing charges and that he really was concerned for these kids and their futures.

Four of the 300 showed up that day, just four. Worse, many of the parents of the kids whose pictures and tweets were posted on his site have threatened to sue HIM for re-posting them.

This, I believe, was the turning point for both Mr. Holloway and the public. SO according to a story by CBS6, Brian Holloway has now cleared the way for authorities to pursue charges against the kids who broke into and destroyed his home.

I for one say GOOD. Mr. Holloway, you truly did all you could to help these kids, help heal a community, and those kids and their parents turned their backs to you and their own personal responsibilities. If they didn't deserve to be punished before, they more than deserve to be now.