I answer the phones a lot during my afternoon show on 1077 'GNA between 3 and 7pm weekdays. There are always many requests from you awesome listeners coming in. Brent Anderson's debut hit "Amy's Song" is one that I am getting a lot these days.

Seeing that he is a brand new artist, and the song has a familiar hook borrowed from the original hit "Amie" by the Pure Prarie League it sound more familiar than it really is to many listeners of Country music.

Some calls I receive and have to decipher are for "that Amy song", "you know.. that song about that girl Amy". A lot of listeners actually sing the chorus on the phone to help me figure it out. So I just wanted to put it down here so you know what to ask for. Its "Amy's Song" by Brent Anderson.

Ironically Vince Gill who was the singer of the song "Amie" when he was lead vocalist for the Pure Prarie League actuall sings the chorus vocals with Brent Anderson on the song.

Here's the hit now. Keep calling for it!