With gas prices continuing to climb, you may want to try an alternative mode of transportation: A bus.

Lou Roberts Collection

Capital District Transportation Authority has just started something brand new, complete with brand new hybrid buses. It’s called BusPlus. The Times Union is reporting that "it will provide  limited-stop service between Albany and Schenectady," making for a more energy efficient and quicker way to travel. These buses are similar to the hybrid buses CDTA already has, except they are brand new, coming right from the factory. You’ll know them because they’re silver and red, different from the blue colors on the other, older buses.

The bus can be a relaxing, and very affordable way to travel through the area, if your trip is on one of the bus routes. With the new BusPlus, this may even mean a faster way to arrive at your destination.

If you are able to take the bus instead of driving, would you take advantage of the service?