Here's a funny story from Brad Paisley about when he was eight-year old on Christmas.  Apparently, he knew his grandfather was going to be giving him a guitar that year, but Brad had his heart set on other things.  He was obsessed with the hot toy of 1980 – the Battleship Galactica.  His Christmas gift that year turned out to be life-changing!

The Band Perry will always find a way to make it home for Christmas brunch, no matter where their career is taking them throughout the year.  Christmas brunch is held each year in Greenville, Tennessee.  They say it seems like everyone from town comes to eat and it’s a great time – almost like a big family reunion in their town.

Blake Sheltonrevealed some of his favorite things about Christmas.  He says baked goods are his favorite holiday dish.  They could include anything from homemade pies to muffins.  He also says the pop tarts with the sprinkles work in pinch as well.  His favorite Christmas tradition or memory is “seeing what Santa left me in my stocking.”  And here’s what Blake had to say about what his favorite Christmas song is and why:

Trace Adkins admitted he likes to wrap presents, but when it comes to decorating the house at Christmas, he leaves that up to the wife.  His wife Rhonda minored in interior design at Iowa State and decorates the house from the outside, in.  Trace is apparently a meticulous present wrapper and will create quite the spread on the dining room table or in the garage, it doesn’t matter to him.  “It’s the old engineer in me that makes me want to get all the stuff right.”