Brad Paisley said he needed the right female voice on his new song "Without a Fight" to handle the "loud ending" of the song.  And, he chose Demi Lovato as that loud voice.

And, Demi's voice is a super fun addition to the song.

But, before they even met or he picked her for his new song, he was asked to play guitar for her at an award show.

When he got to rehearsals he saw all kinds of drama going down with some of the female performers.  Brad saw all the diva-type behavior happening all around him and was worried he had bitten off more than he could chew!

But Brad was pleasantly surprised when he saw Demi walk in wearing sweatpants and not taking herself too seriously.

If you wanna see Brad playing guitar for Demi, check out this performance of "Stone Cold" on "Good Morning America".

Well, he's performing there THIS Friday, and she's going to help him out on "Without A Fight".

Here's the lyric video for the song -

Originally posted on June 21st, 2016