Today we tacked an age old problem with relationships, the man's roving eyes. This girl who wrote in seems pretty confident in herself, but still gets very upset with her boyfriend who likes to point out other womenfolk's "attributes" in public.

It's kind of funny but it wasn't until write now, writing about it that I think I remember her putting in her e mail , "girls who are hotter than me". So perhaps it's OK as long as his girlfriend doesn't feel like she is not hotter than the girl in question.

We tacked the issue this morning in the daily dilemma and as always you all had lots to say on the topic. Remember to listen every morning to the Sean and Richie show to hear a new "daily dilemma" at 6:40 am. If you have a dilemma you would like us to discuss just e mail or facebook any one of us.

Let's hear what the callers had to say today.