We were shocked to learn that the Albany area was included when The Boy Scouts of America recently made headlines, again. The organization was forced to release a so-called perversion list which detailed more than 14,000 pages worth of child sex abuse incidents, most of which were never reportered to authorities. The massive document was released online and there are sadly incidents detailed in the Albany area. The documents came to light as part of an investigation by the Los Angeles Times and reveal a very dark history in the controversial organization. The Times Union spent some considerable time going through the documents and found several local connections.

Among the local connections, the TU discovered that Karl Alberga, who was a leader in Schenectady, was caught naked in his apartment with a 14 year old boy.  Alberga is currently in prison, serving time for convictions related to sexual abuse - although not serving time for this crime.

One of the most horrifying incidents that was uncovered involves an unnamed Cohoes man who was watching and photographing boys showering. The TU tried to contact him but was not successful.

It's just another sad reminder that this world is full of people who harm others; sadly we haven't heard the last of this story for the Albany area.