Do telemarketers drive you up the wall?  And how do they KNOW that you'd be eating dinner when they plan to call?  I think they're clairvoyant AND annoying!  But now you can actually make some coin of of them.  When in doubt, SUENow before I start a mass exodus to the nearest Capital Region lawyer, let me first say that you should at least give these folks a little respect.  I say this because I have a good friend who does this for a living, and it's not easy.  Alot of pressure.  And you have to deal with cranky, short-tempered , sleep deprived individuals who want to blast you before you even get to explain what you are selling.  (But enough about me).

Now on the other hand, if they continue to harrass you, you can actually sue them for $500.00, according to  That's right!  If you ask for a copy of their "do not call" policy, and if they don't deliver--BINGO!  You're a winner!  And the site also includes some tips on what to say on the phone to make them comply!

Man-don't phones just drive you insane in general?  You can't get away from them anymore!  I actually find myself bringing my cellphone into the bathroom, so I guess I have to blame myself!  Maybe you can relate to this little ditty I came up with. BTW- Apologies to all of the Trace Atkins fans out there!

What is the worst experience that YOU ever had with a telemarketer?  Would love to know!