Do you know the old saying, "you had to be there to appreciate it"?  This is one of those times.  In fact, every experience I have in these classrooms has to be seen to be believed.  I'm almost speechless when I talk about Mrs. Compton's class at Boght Elementary School

This amazing classroom of 3rd graders, under the direction of  educator extraordinare-Erika Compton, picked out a song to parody, (George Strait's "Check Yes Or No"), wrote 3/4 of the song in advance AND practiced it multiple times before I even got there!

The class wanted to do a song about bullying and showing respect-two very important topics these days! They sang to me what they had done so far,  and I immediately burst out laughing.  I didn't think there was anything else for me to do!  It was perfect!  We wrote the last part of the song together and spent time recording it, but I still didn't think that I contributed enough.

So I went home and put 8 tracks of keyboard instrumentals and percussion behind it, out of pure guilt!

Here is the result, and lyrics are included so you can sing along!


Do You Respect Me? Check Yes or No

by Mrs. Compton’s Third Grade Class


It’s starting right here in third grade

We are the students from Boght Hills School

Mrs. Compton is teaching

And we know that

Respect is really cool.


Compassion, kindness and sharing

With Rachel’s Challenge we show respect

We care a lot for each other

We don’t bully

That’s what we expect


Do you respect me

Do you wanna be my friend

And if you do

Well then don’t be

Afraid to show me


Make my wish come true

Respect is what you must show

Check yes or no


Do you treat others

The way you’d want them to treat you

That’s the golden rule

That’s the cool tool

That we use in our school

So don’t be cruel

Respect is what you must show

Check yes or no



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Once again, I was in parody heaven with this class.  Special thanks for having me in.  Thanks as well to Hannaford Supermarkets, long time continuing sponsor of the program.  They even provided sports bottles for each of kids! Also kudos to Cap ComCapital Communications Federal Credit Union for their associate sponsorship this year

By the way, during the holiday vacation between Christmas and New Years, we will be repeating some of the  other school songs from this past year.  Yes-it's Readin', Writin', and Rhymin' Instant Replay!  So please tune in!