Continuing with my list of top novelty songwriters that I look up to, I would put Bob Rivers very high on the list as well.  Have you ever heard his "Twisted Christmas" Album?


Bob Rivers is a song parodist who has been around for many years. (I actually met him once at a morning radio boot camp.  (I'm certain that he'll remember-lol)

From what I gather, he is currently the host of a morning radio show in Seattle.  I've always been jealous of both his creative writing and the quality of his productions.  This album, "Twisted Christmas" is a great example, and continues to be one of my favorites.

Someone on good old YouTube actually did his version of the song "We Wish You Weren't Living With Us".  I thought I'd give him a little publicity here too.  Folks-meet "Elfis"

So there you go!  Get "Twisted Christmas" if you can.  And check out for more of his stuff too.  Heck!  We song "rewriters" have to stick together!