It may be the world's oldest rivalry Blondes Vs Brunettes! Who has more fun? Who is smarter? Who has the better jokes written about them? This Saturday we will answer NONE of those questions BUT we will find out who is better at football and it's for a GREAT cause. Today I was joined by members of the Blonde team(and a Ginger) who let me know all about their big game Saturday.

This Saturday September 7th, 2013 5 pm at Saratoga High school the ladies will show they are more than just pretty faces. The two teams have been training hards and take this VERY seriously, so it'll be a lot of fun to watch and all the proceeds go directly to Alzheimer's Association of Northeastern NY. At only $10 a ticket with kids under 16 getting in free how can you say no? There's even a half time show and an After Party at the Horse Shoe in Saratoga! Get all the details HERE! The Blondes(with Tamara"The Ginger") were in studio to talk about the game. Have a listen.