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If you're looking for something a little festive for your next Country Dance Party, check out this fun line dance to Blake Shelton's Christmas song, 'Santa's Got A Choo Choo Train.'

After you try learning 'Santa's Choo Choo Train,' try the 'Jingle Bell Rock' line dance to Rascal Flatts' version of the holiday classic. Click here for even more line dance steps to Country Music hits.

'Santa's Got A Choo Choo Train' Line Dance
Choreographed by Cheryl Dibble, Chris Kuchar, and Kathleen Slattery
4 wall intermediate line dance – 48 counts
Music:“Santa’s Got a Choo Choo Train” by Blake Shelton
Non-Christmas Music: "My Baby Thinks He's A Train" by Rosanne Cash or "I Know Where I'm Goin'" by the Judds (you will not do the re-start with these songs)
Suggested Couples Dance: 16 Step

Rock R Forward & Recover, Shuffle in Place – Rock L Forward & Recover, Shuffle in Place

1,2,3&4  Rock R forward, step back L, shuffle RLR (in place)
5,6,7&8  Rock L forward, step back R, shuffle LRL (in place)

Shuffle Forward x2 – R Kick Ball Change x2

1&2,3&4  Shuffle RLR forward, shuffle LRL forward
5&6,7&8  Right kick ball change - x2

Shuffle Forward – Step Pivot R, Step R – Shuffle Forward – Step Pivot L, Step L

1&2,3,4  Shuffle forward RLR, Step Forward L, pivot ½ R, step R
5&6,7,8  Shuffle forward LRL,Step Forward R, pivot ½ L, step L

Strut Walk Forward 3, touch L heel forward, Strut Walk Back 3, touch R toe back

1,2,3,4  Strut walk forward RLR, touch L heel forward (Walking with your own style)
5,6,7,8  Strut walk back LRL, touch R toe back (Walking with your own style)

Shuffle Side R, Rock, Recover – Turning Shuffle 1/4R, Rock, Recover

1&2,3,4  Shuffle Side R (RLR) – Rock Back L – recover R
5&6,7,8  Turning Shuffle ¼ R (LRL) – Rock Back R – recover L

Rockinghorse – Jazzbox

1,2,3,4  Rock Forward R, Rock Back L – Rock Back R – Rock Forward L
5,6,7,8  Cross R over L, Step Back L, Step Side R, Step L Together

Restart:  on wall 4 (9:00) after 16 counts