Blake Shelton received lots of support via social media.  Blake lost his father, Dick Shelton, Tuesday night in Oklahoma.  He has rescheduled some of his upcoming tour dates and stated, “I appreciate your understanding during this difficult time and thank you for all your prayers.  Your support means the world to me.  I love you guys.”  The dates that are being rescheduled were for this week and will happen instead, during the month of March.  The “Well Lit & Amplified Tour 2012” will continue like normal next week.  Miranda Lambert has also rescheduled some of her tour dates as well over the passing of her father-in-law. 

Keith Urban has been accused of attacking a paparazzi photographer, according to The Legal Lady.  The alleged incident occurred on December 31st.  Robert Wolf claims Keith jumped up and punched him in the face, “more than ten times.”  He also claims he in no way provoked Keith.  There was no police report or charges filed.  However, Wolf was taken to the hospital later on and treated for bruises and a laceration.  This is the second time Keith has been accused of attacking a member of the paparazzi. 

Eric Church begins his tour tonight, in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  “The Blood, Sweat & Beer Tour” will hit over 50 cities.  Brantley Gilbertwill be opening the show.  Brantley wants fans to be reminded to leave feedback because he finds it very helpful to his career.  More details on his tour and its dates, can be found at

And season 11 of “American Idol” got underway last night and there was quite a strong country presence seeing how auditions were held in Savannah, Georgia.  I personally loved Phillip Phillips, Jr.  He played his guitar and sang to his version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  If you don’t remember which one he was, he was the very last audition.  Some good country roots singers were Lauren Mink who sang Gwyneth Paltrow's, “Country Strong” and Stephanie Renae who sang Carrie Underwood’s “Inside Your Heart.”