In third world nations where children are starving every day, when food arrives they line up orderly and wait to get their small rations of rice and water. They're thankful for what they are about to receive.

Our military is all over the world working hard to keep peace and even install Democracy to countries whose people have never had a chance to vote, or just speak their minds publicly without fear of death.

The world looks to America, allegedly the most developed and good nation in the world to lead it to better things, and peace.

If someone in Iraq or Afghanistan has an Internet connection and goes to YouTube their opinion of this nation would change fast.

Our citizens have been acting like animals while shopping for Pete's sake! A lady pepper sprayed a crowd of people at a Wal-Mart for an Xbox. An elderly man was almost killed in Rome, NY over a video game and someone was shot dead in a mall parking lot for having an Xbox Kinect that another person wanted on Black Friday.

The reason they call it Black Friday is because it is the day that puts retail chains in the "black" and gives them profits for the year after losing money the other ten and a half months. The real reason we should call it Black Friday is because it makes America look like a dark place where our citizens are obsessed with "things", instead of leading a lawful and productive life.

I've had enough and I think next year we should as a nation consider staying home and being quiet on Black Friday so that the rest of the world doesn't have another reason to laugh at our country. Your family, and your dignity and sense of patriotism should far outweigh the need for a TV, video game system, or waffle iron. Watch for yourself and see what I mean.