I think over the years I have made my position on a celebrity's right to privacy. I understand that some of the "attention" just comes as a price you have to pay for fame. There should be a line though. With that said, there also has to be some accountability as to how a celebrity handles the situation when someone crosses the line.

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As Billy Currington is one of my favorite country artists, I have to say I may be biased here, but in this situation I think all parties can take a little blame and could probably work this out without charges and lawsuits. I hope they do.

Here is what happened as far as I can tell, not all the details are available.

Back on April 15th in Georgia, a 70-year-old tour boat captain named Charles Ferrelle was ferrying some passengers back and forth past Billy's dock. He was passing so close that the wake almost knocked an elderly man into the water. I am not sure who that elderly man was.

Billy wasn't happy about it so he started yelling at Captain Ferrelle. The captain either didn't hear him, or just ignored him.

The next time the boat came by Billy grabbed a camera, jumped in his boat, and followed them to a public dock. That's when Billy allegedly told Ferrelle that he was going to, quote, "Eff him up" and kill him. The police were called but Billy wasn't arrested.

Two days later Billy Tweeted, "Harassing artists often at their home by boat should be illegal. That's all I know."

And then, yesterday, when all of this blew up, Billy Tweeted, "Hey guys, I wanted to thank everyone for the huge amount of support that I have received already.

"Unfortunately, I can't comment on this situation as this is an ongoing legal matter. It means a lot to me to have your support during this time."

What do you think? Is the boat captain at fault and possibly guilty of harassing Billy? Was Billy at fault for losing his temper and threatening the man? Both?