This week is bike to work week. Hopefully, you’re in a situation that you can do this.

If you are, let’s hope the weather will be good for bike riding. This would be one good way to help you save gas. With our crazy gas prices, riding your bicycle could save you both. Plus it’s a great way to get some exercise.

If you start riding to work, maybe it can lead to riding to other places. There are a few bike trails in the Albany area, including the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway. There’s also a website with all kinds of biking ideas from the League Of American Bicyclists, and the Albany Bike Coalition.

I actually didn’t want to get a car when I first had my driver’s license. I was happy with my bike. I knew what the cost of owning a car was going to be. Although, it was a little difficult to ride a bike in the winter.

Well, now that we’re past winter (or what I think was winter) it’s time to  hopefully get out and take a bike ride. You can start with riding your bike to work. Didn’t you ride your bike all over when you were a kid? Where was the farthest place that you rode your bike? This might make you fell like a kid again.