Here's what is happening in the news around the Capital Region.


New York - The State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities has a list of 130 employees they are trying to fire due to allegations of neglect or abuse of disabled people in their care.  While the office employs approximately 23,000 persons, OPWDD cares for more than 126,000 persons.  Only 16 percent of abuse reports reached authorities until after recent policy changes.  Today it’s at 93 percent. 


The director of the Schenectady County Department of Consumer Affairs/Bureau of Weights and Measures was forced to resign after admitting he stole nearly $51,000 in fines from the agency.  Christopher Godlewski pleaded guilty Monday in Schenectady County court.  His plea bargain requires him to serve six months in jail and be on five years probation for his felony charge of grand larceny.


Troy - A Troy police officer was bit by a police dog while trying to pursue a suspect on foot.  The bite was minor and the suspect was apprehended also thanks to the dog.  The incident happened while a search warrant was being executed Monday night on 5th Avenue in the 2200 block.  Elza, a Troy police dog, pursued a suspect that fled from the building and also bit an officer who was on the perimeter.  No further information was available. 

Albany - A recent report contradicts two state troopers’ accounts of an accident that happened back on February 25th.  The state trooper cruiser struck an Albany taxi, leaving the cabdriver seriously injured.  According to the report, the speeding cruiser did not have its flashing emergency lights on when it drove through a red light.  The report also confirms the car drove into that intersection against the red light, contradicting what both troopers stated.