Your summer guilty pleasure, Big Brother is back on CBS. The premiere of season 13 is July 7th at 9pm. Even as I write this the updates, are swarming the Facebook so I wonder if I can tell you anything you have not already seen at the Big Brother website. When you visit the site you will get to see pictures and videos of the new cast members, but the fun part is the twist.

Along with the 8 new people in the cast this year , there will be 3 former "dynamic duos" from past seasons. They are of course being tight lipped about which 3 duos it will be but they do give you a chance to vote on who you think it will be. The comments are of course always funny to read as well. They start right off with Jesse and Natalie bashing, fun!

Now you can vote for whoever you want, but of the choices here, I would have to go with, "Jeff and Jordan", "Will and Boogie" and "Dick and Danielle" in that order. Though I must say I'm a little disappointed that "Eric and Jessica" are not one of the choices. I agree with the first commenter, I don't know if I could take "Jesse and Natalie" even if it is just to hate them profusely, I only really dislike "Brendon and Rachel" (and even then its mostly the Rachel part) and "Hayden and Enzo" eh.

What are your thoughts, who do you want and NOT want to see back in the house?