Need some work done at your place in Saratoga? Okay, well, while we all want a deal don't get it from this guy!

Police are saying "beware" when it comes to the man seen below. Caught on security surveilance, he's stating his name is Dave Rock from Fort Edward and drives a black pick up truck. He's aproximately 6 feet tall, with grey hair on the sides, a neck tattoo and is a smoker.

Saratoga Springs Police Department

Police have received reports as of July 19th of the man "canvassing" homes along Casino Drive. One resident gave the man $150 to buy suppies to seal their driveway; the man left and did not come back. According to police, the man made similiar offers to others residents with no one taking him up on the offer.

The concern is that he may have been checking the houses out in the area for a neighborhood robbery attempt or to prey on the older folks in the community.

Police are asking for tips, so if you have any information please call: 518-584-1800.