I never knew I could be in love with a piece of cold, hard stone until now.

I freaking love my new countertop!

Now, before I elaborate, you should know that the countertop that was in my kitchen was a hot mess!  It was yellow laminate with a built in glass cutting board that I could almost literally see crawling with bacteria from years and years of raw meat being smeared all over it!  Okay, so maybe I'm being dramatic, but I think you get the idea.  It was gross.  And it had to go!

As you know, Bub, my beautiful, handsome, strong husband and I are currently in the middle of a kitchen overhaul.  We are trying to keep the budget down by keeping most of the original materials and doing most of the labor ourselves.

The only exception being our new soapstone countertop (that I'm currently having a love affair with!) which was expertly installed by Busch experts.

I had known from the minute that we walked into that kitchen for the first time that soapstone was the only option for those counters.  And, I was right!  They look like they were always meant to be.

Joe, who installed my countertop, told me that the slab that they used for my kitchen was most likely from Brazil!  Which I think is so cool!

Bub and I went to Curtis Lumber in Ballston Spa and picked out a really cool looking soapstone and it turned out way better than I ever imagined!

Soapstone starts out kind of gray or white and over time gets dark black, sometimes green. Heather, our kitchen designer, from Curtis, told us to add mineral oil to the soapstone once a week for a while, and then eventually the natural soapstone won't need anymore upkeep.

Here are the pictures, let me know what you think!

Here's the kitchen with absolutely no countertop! Gross!
Here's the countertop being installed, they're fusing the two sections together, see how it's kind of grey. I also want to point out the really cool rooster wallpaper on the wall!
Here's the finished island! Isn't it amazing!
Here's the finished wall counter - beautiful!
And here are the great guys from Busch who installed the countertop! Tim and Joe!

To see before pictures of my kitchen, click here.