We're getting a new boss at 'GNA and everyone is pretty excited about it!  Including me!  I can't wait to terrorize someone new!

The new guy's name is Matty Jeff and he's what we like to call in the radio business, a "Brand Manager" which is a fancy way to say he picks music and bosses DJ's around.

You'll be seeing him around the Capital Region, so get ready!  And, you'll also be hearing his voice on your way home from work very soon!  So be listening!

Last week he arrived to fill out his paperwork and I decided to send him a MSTY to welcome him!

You can check out the video below to see how that went!

If you're wondering what MSTY is, that's totally normal!  It's a new music messaging app that is spreading around the internet right now!

You can send one of thousands of songs to your friends along with a picture and make them laugh, or cry or get mad, or get horny, or whatever you want!  It's really fun!  Download it right now and get sending!  You can send us a MSTY - 518-889-9462! You can send Matty a welcome MSTY, too!

Plus, 'GNA is having a MSTY contest right now!  If you send us a MSTY you could win a gas card!  Click here for more info on the contest!